Monday, May 7, 2012

Guandu Nature Park

Guandu Nature Park, Taipei City.

Greater Painted-snipe
I only had time for a brief visit to this excellent reserve and nature center in Taipei City.

On the northwest side of Taipei city it is best approached by MRT (metro) on the Danshui line, the nearest station is Guandu. Or take a taxi to 關渡自然公園. Alighting the MRT train, first follow the signs for 'Guandu Temple',  and then outside the bilingual signs to the park - a 15 minute walk away. Cross the large road (press button for crosswalk) in front of the Mercedez-benz dealership, and walk straight another 200 meters.

Guandu visitor center, 2nd floor.
The Park has a wide variety of habitats covering 57 hectares not far from the Danshui River. Good trails, hides and visitor facilities available. The main area around the visitor center is open 9-5 Tuesday - Sunday to the general public. The 'new wetland' is only accessable on a guided tour starting 4pm Saturday and Sunday - or by special application. The larger remaining wetland area is closed to the public. On Mondays visit the Botanical Garden and Huajiang Park instead.

This is a roundup of species seen. I’m sure there would have been more - with a bit more time, effort, less heat, and better note-taking!

Chinese Pond Heron
Little Grebe
Grey Heron
Egrets - Great, Intermediate, Little, Cattle
Black-Crowned Night-Heron
Ruddy-breasted Crake
Water Rail
Various Doves
Various Mynas
Common Kingfisher
Common Magpie
Bulbuls - Black, and Light-vented.
Spot-billed Duck
Eurasian Hobby
Lesser Coucal
Crested Goshawk
Taiwan Scimitar-babbler
Tree Sparrow
Japanese White-eye
Prinia - Plain, and Yellow-bellied
Black-winged Stilt
Common Moorhen

New Bird:
Eurasian Hobby    Falco subbuteo