Wednesday, November 21, 2012

General Nature Tour

Working the trails.
Nature only - 16-day round-the-island.

Just spent 16 days co-guiding a natural-history group from the UK. The focus (if possible to really say that) was on birds, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, flora (fern knowledge expanded!), amphibians...and generally having a very nice time!

Non birding highlights (in addition to excellent human company) were cavorting Ferret-badgers at Anmashan, and a deceased Crab-eating Mongoose in near Nanren Mountain Lake.

Long-legged Jalapura - will check.
A couple memorable comments from the very well-traveled-for-nature guests:

“Outside of the UK and maybe parts of the US and Japan, I have never encountered so many local people caring about and observing nature.”

“...a good mix of Taiwanese seen out observing nature - groups, individuals, couples, families...not just older men in anoraks”

“...interpretation signs not dumbed down...”

“What a conker!”
After dinner - back to work on the moth light!

New birds:

Mountain Hawk-Eagle    Nisaetus nipalensis