Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dasyueshan access update.

Taiwan Birds. Taipei Wild Bird Society.

One of Taiwan's most famous birding destinations, Dasyueshan, has been closed since mid-July due to damage to the road caused by heavy summer typhoon rains. Several people have asked me what the latest news is - and (worst case) will it remain closed for years - as was the case in the 1990's.

The news today (September 11th) is that it is expected to reopen next Monday (16th). Currently access is blocked at km 15. Vehicles will not be allowed past km 48 for another week or two - birders on foot may get by...

Update late september: all fine, access no problem.

The staff there report "there are birds everywhere" and "the pheasants own the road".

On another note - the official 2013 CWBF Checklist of the Birds of Taiwan. English pdf here

Excel (Chinese) here.

Asian Birdfair.

Don’t forget the 4th Asian Birdfair (and 15th Taipei Birdwatching Fair) is October 26th and 27th at Guandu Nature Park, Taipei City. Go!

Spoonbills arrive to the front page.
(September 28th) One of the reasons I like Taiwan: Instead of the usual tawdry and terrible, the China Daily News puts the arrival of the Black-faced Spoonbills as their top story.

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