Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Checklist, Calender, & Birdfair

Too, too long since the last post here. A quick catch-up.

1. 2014 Checklist.
2. Events coming soon.
3. Other notes from the British Birdfair.

1. Checklist.
The latest official Taiwan checklist from the local bird federation has been published. 17 new species accepted. Grey-cheeked Fulvetta split. I suspect a couple more, such as the Bamboo Partridge, are on the cusp of also being recognized as full endemics.

2. Upcoming events.
If you know of other details that should be here, please email me.

Kenting Raptor Migration Festival
October 10-12.

Taiwan Field Guide
October. Completely new Chinese-language version published. May be sooner - or later.

Taiwan Birdathon
November 1-2.
Foreign teams warmly welcomed.

Asian Bird Fair
November 29-30. Langkawi, Malaysia.

Taipei Birdfair
October 25-26. Guandu, Taipei City.

Dasyueshan Bird Race
April 24-26, 2015

Raptor Festival
April 2015. Baguashan and Guanyinshan.

3. British Birdfair.
I attended the Birdfair at Rutland last month. Here is a review of some of the messages I was trying to get across.

Other than just birds, birds, birds - Taiwan has:

High biodiversity - over 80 endemic and endemic subspecies. On the East Asian - Australasian flyway.

A diversity of butterflies and dragonflies. Alpine to tropical flora...and all in a compact area.

Good infrastructure - roads, accommodation etc. No visas needed.

Safe - low crime, no* leeches, malaria, dengue or rabies. Clean,good hygiene and healthcare.
*...well effectively none!

Great habitats - extensive well-protected mountain forest and wetlands.

Year-round birding, on good trails or roadside. Excellent scenery and other natural distractions.

People - friendly, conservation-minded, and interested in nature. A twitching scene.

Free, democratic, progressive society with an interesting traditional culture.

Birding/Nature companies visiting Taiwan.
Zoothera Birding
Bird Tour Asia
Legacy Tours
Eagle-eye Tours
Tropical Birding

Other Taiwan Guides.

Mr. Hsu, Yen-Hui
Mr Hung Kuan-Chieh
Mr. Jian, Kuen Dar
Mr. Tsai, Mu-Chi
Mr. Kao, Lin Chu
Mr. Philip Kuo
Mr. Wu, Shumit
Miss Lai, Mei Sho
Natural Kingdom Ms. Chen Chia-en
Wayne Hsu