Monday, April 2, 2012

Birding Tour

Taiwan Blue Magpie
I spent 10 wonderful days guiding delightful Australian/NZ birders to a variety of birding locations around Taiwan. A total of around 150  species were seen properly without playback. A few others were only heard, or not identified with 100% confidence.

The route took us from Taipei to coastal Yilan, Hualien/Taroko Gorge, into the high mountains around Hehuan and Wushe, before ever-rewarding Dasyueshan, and a bonus day in Maolin Valley.

See next 2 posts for Dasyueshan and Maolin.

Lanyang (Yilan) Rivermouth produced Japanese Cormorant. Best access is from the southern side.

New Birds in northeastern Taiwan:

Japanese Cormorant    Phalacrocorax capillatus
Chinese Goshawk    Accipiter soloensis
Rough-legged Hawk    Buteo lagopus
Manchurian Bush-Warbler    Cettia canturians
Golden-headed Cisticola    Cisticola exilis    "Endemic subspecies (C. e. volitans)"