Monday, April 2, 2012


Very busy guiding these few weeks. Will only post short notes for now (with gratuitous pictures) and will flesh out more tips later.

Tienliaoyang (田寮洋) Mid-March

Grey Lapwing
This is a nice bit of wet agricultural land either side of the north-link train line in northern New Taipei City (Formerly Taipei County). It is accessed from road 2C (2丙,bing), about 500 meters south of #2 near coastal Fulong. Consider taking the train to Fulong and renting bicycles - ride westwards out of town, turn left at the Formosa gas station, after 500 meters look out for the sign (in Chinese) on the right reminding birdwatchers not to block farmer’s access to their fields.

Visited twice in March. In winter it hosts a good variety of birds.

The nearby Magang Harbor can sometimes turn up rarities.

New Birds:

Swan Goose    Anser cygnoides
Eurasian Sparrowhawk    Accipiter nisus
Gray-headed Lapwing    Vanellus cinereus
Fork-tailed Swift    Apus pacificus
Rook    Corvus frugilegus

Gray-faced Buzzard    Butastur indicus