Monday, February 6, 2012



We started the February 3rd at Huisun Forest Recreation Area. After two days of just about perfect weather it was a bit disappointing to have rain overnight and to wake to a chillier, overcast world.

Formosan Blue Magpie
Birding was slow but we managed to get some of the target birds (1 Malayan Night-heron, 6 Formosan Magpie (only in high trees) without too much trouble. Also present were many Grey Treepies, Yuhinia, Sibia, Black Bulbuls,  and a pair of Grey-chinned Minivet.

Target birds missed included Varied Tit (usually here), Maroon Oriole, and Brown Dipper. Oh well, those blue magpies first thing in the morning work well for someone in magpie-free Tainan.

On Road # 21 between Huisun and the intersection with #8  we encountered 2 Crested Serpent-eagles, and 1 Oriental Honey Buzzard.

New Birds at Huisun:

Malayan Night-Heron    Gorsachius melanolophus
Formosan Magpie    Urocissa caerulea    Endemic species
Oriental Honey-buzzard    Pernis ptilorhynchus
Gray-chinned Minivet    Pericrocotus solaris