Monday, February 6, 2012



I secured permission to visit another part of National Taiwan University’s property - Meifeng (2,200m elevation) before lunchtime. This is an excellent place to stay - has all the advantages of nearby Chingjing but few of the negatives. Well managed - meaning most visitors have to follow a fixed package itinerary, foreign birders sometimes are given ‘special permissions’.

As well as the ‘normal’ stuff (many Sibia, Yuhinia etc), birds seen included 1 Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, 2 beautiful Collared Bush-robin (see below), 1 Island Thrush (a 5-star rarity for me - and most people) on a fruit tree down in front of the accommodation block, 1 Vivid Niltavia, 1 Red-flanked Bluetail (also quite rare for me), 1 Siberian Redthroat, 1 White’s Thrush - in heavy shade - not possible to see variety (another 5-star rarity) September Edit: putting a question mark next to this - may have been misidentified, 5 Black-faced Bunting, 3 Brown-headed Bulfinch, 2  Strong-footed Bush Warbler (aka Brown-flanked), 1 Yellow-bellied Bush Warbler (heard well, badly seen), 5 Barwing,  5+ Liocichlas. Nearby saw a Large-billed Crow.

Did not see, but apparently around: Tawny Owl, White-tailed Robin, and Pygmy Wren-babbler, Grey-headed Bullfinch.

On the way out of Wushe towards Chingjing, 2 White-bellied Erponis were spotted, surprised not to see them elsewhere this trip.

If unable to get access to Meifeng (either to stay in their nice hotel, or for a day of birding) then explore the farm road 200 meters down the road at almost the 15 km mark, near a sign for Meifeng. A sharp right turn (if coming from Chingjing direction). On this trail I found Green-backed Tit and Taiwan Tit.

Also the short, south-facing, hiking trail to Sangjiao Peak near the sign in Chinese for Tsuifeng (翠峰) altitude 2,309 meters, at the 16.5km mark.

New Birds Meifeng, Nantou County.

White-bellied Yuhina (Erpornis)    Yuhina zantholeuca   
Red-flanked (Orange-flanked) Bluetail (Bush-robin) Tarsiger cyanurus
Fire-breasted Flowerpecker    Dicaeum ignipectum    "Endemic subspecies (D. i. formosum)"
Collared Bush-Robin    Tarsiger johnstoniae    Endemic species
Island Thrush    Turdus poliocephalus    "Endemic subspecies (T. p. niveiceps)"
Vivid Niltava    Niltava vivida    "Endemic subspecies (N. v. vivida)"
Red-flanked Bluetail    Tarsiger cyanurus
Siberian Rubythroat    Luscinia calliope
Scaly (White’s) Thrush    Zoothera dauma Needs confirmation.
Brown Bullfinch    Pyrrhula nipalensis    "Endemic subspecies (P. n. uchidae)"
Brownish-flanked (Strong-footed) Bush-Warbler    Cettia fortipes    "Taiwan Endemic Subspecies (C. f. robustipes)"
Yellow-bellied Bush-Warbler    Cettia acanthizoides    "Endemic subspecies (C. a. concolor)"
Taiwan Barwing    Actinodura morrisoniana    Endemic species
Steere's Liocichla    Liocichla steerii    Endemic species
Green-backed Tit    Parus monticolus    "Endemic subspecies (P. m. insperatus)"
Yellow (Taiwan) Tit    Macholophus holsti    Endemic species and Genus
Taiwan Yuhina    Yuhina brunneiceps    Endemic species