Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tedious to thrilling.

Morning and early afternoon in Qigu (Chigu): BFS reserve, North, and east Qigu, Tsengwen River.  More details coming soon.

New birds seen in Qigu.

Falcated Duck    Anas falcata (on the way - in Sihcao, next to #17)
Gadwall    Anas strepera
Chinese Pond-Heron    Ardeola bacchus
Slaty-legged Crake    Rallina eurizonoides    "Endemic subspecies (R. e. formosana)"
Lesser Sand-Plover    Charadrius mongolus
Marsh Sandpiper    Tringa stagnatilis   
Bar-tailed Godwit    Limosa lapponica
Long-toed Stint    Calidris subminuta
Black-tailed Gull    Larus crassirostris
Slaty-backed Gull    Larus schistisagus
*Dusky Warbler    Phylloscopus fuscatus  
Oriental Reed-Warbler    Acrocephalus orientalis
Striated Prinia    Prinia crinigera    "Endemic subspecies (P. c. striata)"
*Crested Myna    Acridotheres cristatellus    "Taiwan Endemic Subspecies (A. c. formosanus)"